Why us?

  • Speech recognition technology for professional users:
    Unlike other speech recognition technologies we optimized our product to high-volume report creators like medical doctors. This specialized science assures the maximum return on investment for our clients and users.
  • Our new, custom made technology fits ideally into your product range:
    • Replace your current (out-of-the-box) speech recognition component
    • Special terminology and languages customized for your clients and markets
    • A dedicated team open for new product ideas supporting your solution
  • Customized API for tight integration:
    Seamless integration to provide a homogeneous solution to the end-user.
  • Simple and robust to ensure efficient support:
    • No databases needed
    • No complicated setup/structures needed. A simple file copy is sufficient for installation.
  • A simplified system enables our users and partners to save a lot of unnecessary costs.
  • Partners have many possibilities to analyze and solve user problems:
    • Analyze and “debug” complex speech recognition algorithms to find specific solutions for user problems.
    • This is typically not possible for standard speech recognition components.
  • Aligned with our partner's market requirements:
    We align our product roadmap with the roadmap of our partners to synchronize common product releases.
  • Optimal license model:
    To emphasize a “one product” feeling to the end-user, we can specify license models fitting to our partner's needs.


VoxDoc SDK

  • Professional speech-to-text technology. Automatically converts audio stream into written text.
  • High accuracy, high speed and
    low memory consumption
  • Optimized for
    professional use-case
  • Customizable commands
  • Various functions to
    manage and control accuracy
  • Customizable memory
    and CPU usage
  • Light weight technology:

    Just one DLL and data files
    no database needed
    no complicated setup required:
    just copy the DLL and data files to the end-user's equipment

  • Possibility for any types of audio inputs (microphone,
    telephone, data streaming) and
    any types of text/command outputs
  • Streamlined and flexible design for various purposes: Batch recognition, online interactive recognition etc.
  • Easy to integrate
  • SDK with sample source code
  • Portable to other platforms
  • Various medical terminology included
  • Languages:

    US English
    Coming soon: Portuguese, Dutch, Italian and more

VoxDoc by Experts7

VoxDoc Tools SDK

  • Speech
    tool-set to optimize performance
  • Verify lexica
    and language
  • Possibility to analyze
    and solve user
    problems efficiently
  • Check and improve
    text formatting


Our mission

Help professional experts - especially medical doctors - to capture their findings in the most efficient way: simply by speaking.

Our way

  • We developed a new, clean and simple speech
    recognition technology for the medical industry
  • We aim to focus on our strength and team up with partners/integrators. We are technologists specialized purely on speech recognition technology development. We want to team up with solution providers as partners who can use our Software Development Kit (SDK) and add our product to their software. We will do everything to help our partners to provide the best possible solutions to the end user.
  • "Customer value" vs. "Shareholder value":
    Unlike most other companies, we optimize for our clients instead of focusing on shareholder value or optimizing profitability. We believe that providing the best possible products and services our profitability will follow through automatically.

Who are we?

  • We are an efficient team of mathematicians and software developers
  • Our specific expertise is in speech recognition technology (and not in marketing)
  • Our minimum professional speech recognition experience is more than 20 years
  • Some people might call us computer freaks or even technology freaks, but we simply love this part of the work


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